Shadow Journal 16

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Tonight - adventures in texture. We start with some melodic drone and shade into post-rock favorites. Enjoy!

Title Artist Album Genre
T ess xi Autechre Exai Electronic
Inforate Dntel Hate In My Heart Electronic
Avril 14th (Electronic Arrangement) Murcof & Vanessa Wagner Statea Classical Crossover
Land III (feat. Yamil Rezc) Fax The Changing Landscapes Ambient
Stonefax Benoit Pioulard & Sean Curtis Patrick Avocationals Electronic
Rainfall Fennesz Agora Electronic
Ghosts of the Garden City Caspian Tertia Rock
Below the Sky If These Trees Could Talk Above the Earth, Below the Sky Rock
You and I Change Like Seasons Codes In the Clouds As the Spirit Wanes Alternative
Logic of a Dream Explosions In the Sky The Wilderness Indie Rock

Aired on April 11, 2019